5 Days Free Demo Classes

Free Demo Classes in Dehradun

‘Once we met with few students in our town who were preparing for competitive exam. They seems to be hardworking youngsters who had came from far village to get better guidance and coaching so that they can achieve their dream. When we asked them how good was their preparation, they were not confident with answers. After making them comfortable, we came across the experience they had in the beginning when they started to search for guidance. As per them, they started taking classes in a coaching center but were unable to adjust with the environment neither gained any knowledge. They had to continue for few months as they have already paid the fee in the beginning. Same thing occurred when they joined another coaching center with new location, but story remained same. Looking onto their background and the knowledge they posses we suggested them one of the counselor who guided them free of cost and helped to find out better coaching center which fits them as per their capability.’

The story like this a very common now a days for student / candidates who are willing to make their career in Government organizations. Many faces issue in coaching centers right from the beginning due to different reasons. But that doesn’t means its fault of coaching center or institution who are helping students to get through numerous competitive exams. The actual problem arises when students are not aware of their ability and joins the institutions to get into competition. When they are not able to cop up with environment, many starts getting uncomfortable from very first week that leads to poor preparation followed by failure in future attempts in various exams.

Looking into such situation, we have introduced a concept of Free Demo Classes at Shaurya academy (www.shauryaacademyindia.com).  As per this concept we allow new students or fresh candidates to receive our 5 days free demo classes on continuous basis. Here students will not only receive systematic methods of solving questions from syllabus but also get opportunity to clear doubts that always occurs in between such courses. After 5 days its up to the student / candidate whether they want to continue with us or not. This saves time of our team and students who can make final judgement after interacting with our faculties and having live experience of our demo classes. Moreover it saves precious amount for students in monetary terms which they can utilize in other means to make good  preparation and finally achieve their dream.