Feel Proud to be a National Banker

IBPS Exam Preparation

Getting a job in the government sector, especially in a Bank Organization is a dream for many aspirants who are preparing for its competitive exams. Usually people consider to get opportunity in any of the government departments without knowing its environment and role of responsibilities involved in it. But that doesn’t mean that one should not take steps ahead for such opportunities. Here we will share some facts and stories on why you should feel proud when you get a chance to become a banker in the National banking organization.

Imagine when you get an appointment letter from any one the bank after tough written preparation followed by interview and your first posting is far on hillside with limited resources. It sounds horrible for someone who is looking for a comfortable white collar job. But that is just a beginning and one can enjoy a great service ahead if they look into other positive aspects of this profession. In India banking sector is divided into two categories: National and Private Banks. Both the banks play a vital role in India’s economy. But there is a huge difference in their services. Private Banks generally focus on making profits, investment and raising funds for their business while Nationalize banks are having additional responsibility of giving services at a rural region of the country where business investment is merely seen. Nationalize banks are also providing services in those regions where there is no access to roads. For example the hilly regions of Uttarakhand, Himachal Pradesh, North Eastern States etc. Therefore a banker working in National bank is not only working as an employee, but also as a mediator between the government and people who have limited access with developed parts of the country.

One of my close friends got selected in a Nationalize bank and was given charge at the hilly region of Uttarakhand. Initially I thought he might be free of work most of the time and hardly have a long hour shift. But when I met him after nearly two years of his service the facts that he brought in front of me was completely astonishing. As per him, the bank was located in such a location where all the people of nearby villages can access.

Even then, people have to walk around five to six kilometers to reach the bank which was not an easy task. Moreover, most of these villagers are not able to read and write, therefore guiding every customer on their personal account is not her challenging job for him and his fellow bankers. I asked him whether he felt irritated with the kind of job he is doing. As per him initially he didn’t like the routine that he was having in bank, neither the account holders who always use to ask for help on every plank of depositing form. But later he realised that here he is not only doing a job, but also helping out these people who are completely dependent on Government policies and banks with very few facilities. So he started to actively help these people and trained some of the regular customers so that they can help other people that will save time for both bankers and customers. It was an eye opening experience that my friend shared with me and I felt proud of him as he was not just doing a job, but in fact more than what he was suppose to do.

It is a wonderful message for the aspirant preparing for banking services that they will not only do a job, but also get an opportunity to transform the life of people that region where they get appointed. The role of a Nationalize Banker is more than just a job and feel proud when you get a tag of The Nationalize Banker.