How to build your Vocabulary

Building vocabulary is always a tough challenge for the people who are preparing for competitive examination. Whether it is Armed Forces, Police Forces, Banking exams or other related written entrance exams, all requires a candidate to appear a section that consist of English vocabulary whether directly or indirectly. In some questions the meanings of words are asked straight away and in some they are asked indirectly in form of synonyms, antonyms, idioms and phrases, comprehension etc. Moreover a good vocabulary is helpful in appearing for interviews where English is considered major means of communication. Building a good vocabulary is always fruitful in one’s life whether they are preparing for competitive exams or not. There are few tips that will be helpful for beginners and one who are already working on it.

Firstly, start reading newspaper on daily basis. It is found that students from not only Hindi medium but also from English medium lacks in a good vocabulary. Therefore reading good newspapers like The Hindu, The Times of India, and The Hindustan Times are considered best for those who are preparing for competitive exams. As there are lakhs of words in a Dictionary and hence it is not possible for a person to mug up all the words, hence it is considered of no use as one will forget most of these words with spam of time. In newspaper one will find those words which are used on regular basis and are also present in competitive exams especially in English section. While reading newspaper if you see a word that you not aware of the take a dictionary and note down its meaning. Make it a habit and give at least half-n-hour a day and you will yourself see result in your knowledge after a month.

Secondly, watching English news channels plays an indispensable role in building not only vocabulary but also helpful in proper accent of words. Usually we get more familiar towards a culture and language we are living with. Same way if we are watching English news channels, shows or say movies for entertainment, they help us out in learning new words and the way they are pronounced at right accent. If you don’t get often time to watch these news channels on regular basis then you can download its recording from YouTube as well. Now a days everyone is having smart phone and a good data for internet, so why not to make best use of technology for preparation of competitive exams. You can also watch some movies that consist of words spoken by characters shown at the bottom of a screen. It helps you to read out words pronounced by characters and can note down those which are new to you.

Thirdly, take a look at the sample papers and previous year question papers of exam for which you are preparing for. It gives a brief on which types of words are regularly asked on theses exams. However the vocabulary remains same for all types of exams but the types of words asked frequently are a bit different. At Shaurya Academy (  the vocabulary building techniques are practiced looking on to the type of exam a candidate is preparing for.

Giving a good time to above said techniques will surely add a good vocabulary in your knowledge bank that will be of tremendous help to achieve success in your respective exams.