Are you a non-mathematics candidate?

Maths confusion in competitive exam

Mathematics is a subject that seems to be a bit complex when it comes to competitive exams. People who are already from a science background in mathematics have an advantage among students of other streams, but they still face inferiority complex due to tough competition. While people who are from non-mathematics background like Arts and Commerce stream find it difficult to grab even easy questions. This is all because of poor basic knowledge and concepts of mathematics.

Moreover the traditional method alone cannot help out to solve entire mathematics section on time as candidates require speedy action in such exam. If overtime is given to mathematics alone, then it will be difficult to attempt other sections like General Studies and English on time. Therefore, it is important to have a good command over mathematics depending on the pattern of the exam so that a candidate can attempt all the questions of different sections efficiently. Both mathematics and non-maths students aspiring for competitive exams, no doubt give their best at all levels, but even after going through coaching and personal guidance very few of them are able to reach qualifying marks. Here we will discuss a few reasons behind such failure and measures to overcome these hurdles:

  • Basic Concept: It is often seen that students straight away starts focusing on types of questions asked in the competitive exam. Somehow they are able to solve and mug up the methods, but until they are strong enough with the basic concept of the chapter they find difficult to tackle new questions. Very few institutions focus on building the basic knowledge of chapters of mathematics which is a major reason behind setback at the time of final exam. Our team focuses more on preparing basic concepts so that student can perform well in even those questions which he/she haven’t practiced before.


  • Hesitation: When we attend a class onany subject we find the number of students from different background and region. Some of them find it uneasy to clear their doubts due to anxiety and hesitation in front of mass students. To tackle such issues we segregate the batches in such a manner that students of every capacity can clear their doubts on immediate basis. In addition, due to the personal attention our students get an opportunity to build up the confidence level that plays an indispensable role at the time of the final fight.


  • Syllabus is limitless: At Shaurya Academy, Dehradun, we believe in a fact that knowledge itself is a never ending process. Syllabus of any competitive exam is endless, therefore, thought of completing the syllabus within a short period of time is nothing but making fool of both student and our-self. We make sure that the teaching process should continue even after students are confident in their mathematical skills. This keeps them updated and ready to attempt any new format of questions efficiently.


Apart from above mentioned factors, there are other issues as well that makes it difficult for non-mathematics student to cope in competition. But remember every problem comes with a solution, therefore with planned preparation and best guidance one can come with flying colours.