Time Management for Competitive Exam Preparation

Time Management for Competitive Exam

The concept of time management is considered one of the important factors when it comes to the preparation of any competitive exam. Whether it is a one-day exam or descriptive based written exam, both require a thorough preparation in today’s cut throat competition that can be only possible with the right utilization of time. As the popular saying goes ‘time and tide wait for none’. Yet both can be tapped efficiently with the right technique. While tide can be used to generate electricity with the help of technology, effective utilization of time can give great results throughout the life. All we need is a right time management with a strategy that is goal oriented to get results out of it.

It is observed that time management alone is not responsible for positive outcomes in one’ life, managing our self is also required in parallel. Therefore, lets first understand how to manage ourself with time saving habits.


  • Telephones: If you are on a personal call for more than 4 hours a day, that means you are in wrong habit. Avoid making too many calls and give priority to those calls which are important. Especially at a young age who often falls in love can be another setback for those who are preparing for competitive exams. Avoid long hours chat on the phone, make it short.
  • Surfing on Internet/Social Network: Nowadays, more than half of young people are using social networking. This is a great tool to make social bond effective, but involving too much can again lead to waste of time with no improvement in your competitive marks. Social networks like Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, whatsapp, etc. can be utilized for useful purpose rather than just surfing whole day.
  • Plan your task: Whenever you are taking any task without planning, it will always waste your time as decision making always gets hinder in between. Prior planning will give you the right direction without any break in between your work and completion on time.
  • Cluttered Workplace: Keep your working desk clean and tidy. Maintaining your study room and workplace is a good habit.
  • Casual visitors: Giving a warm welcome to guests is a good habit, but what if such guest starts wasting your time. People who keep on gossiping with no reason should be avoided. It is better to schedule visits in advance whenever there are some important work.

Now lets have a look at time management tips that can be helpful for competitive and other examination:


  • Time Table: Making a time table should not be focused alone on your study, it should include your daily routine, meal, sports, entertainment. This should not make drastic changes in your lifestyle or else it will be difficult to cope up with your routine. Make a realistic time-table that should be focused on your goal and give adequate time for other activities. Check the time consumed by all these activities at the end of the week and gradually decrease time for those activities which are of no purpose. Make sure your health related activities like games and sports should not be affected as we all know very well that “sound mind exist in sound body”.
  • Set Priorities: It is often found that some students are good at numerical ability while others are good in theoretical Therefore give more time to those subjects, concepts and questions that consume more time. This will help you to equally utilize your time to all the questions.
  • Assigning Goals: Set weekly and monthly goals in respect to those sections which you find difficult to grasp. Analyze the total time that you are investing on such subjects, and try to cover their questions at the right time depending on the standard of the exam you are preparing for.
  • Weekly/Daily Review: Tracking the progress is very important to improve one’s efficiency in competitive exam preparation. Most of the subjects/chapters requires at least a week to through with, while some topics can be covered with improved solving ability within a day. Therefore, keep analyzing your improvement and make changes in your priorities accordingly. This will boost up your moral, and improve your confidence level to face a more difficult task
  • Take Time Out: Many people get affected by the psychological effect of exams that may result in anxiety, stress, health issues and lack of concentration. We are not machines, therefore we need a break to rejuvenate yourself so that can give our best at all levels. Plan a small trip with family members or friends depending on your capacity. Moreover, do yoga, meditation or get engaged on any favourite sports activity. These will help you out to energize both your body and mind so that you can get well prepared for the next level of your competition. In addition it will charge you with positive energy and keeping motivated for upcoming exams.


Make a commitment to improving your habits and managing yourself better so that you can utilize your time in the best possible manner. We hope above said information and tips will help you ace the exam. Let us know if you want more help at www.shauryaacademyindia.com or post your comments at www.facebook/shauryaacademy